Link Love

Here are some of my favorite things I found around the internet this week:

  • Nanowrimo not only inspires me to frenetically write, but also to look up advice and words of wisdom from successful authors. I loved reading this interview with Emily Nussbaum (TV critic for the New Yorker), on Rookie.
  • I admitted earlier this week that I didn’t finish Friendship by Emily Gould because it didn’t hold my interest. So this article from the Atlantic on why you MUST finish books was a timely read. I kind of agree with aspects of the sentiment, but find myself leaning more toward this response article on BookRiot, titled “Reading is Not a Chore.” There are some books that I’m just never going to like and finishing them won’t help one bit.
  • The always delightful (and entertaining Tweeter) Neil DeGrasse Tyson provided an in depth look at Interstellar for NPR this week.
  • Hachette and Amazon finally struck a deal this week.
  • This is a seriously hilarious Serial parody.
  • The second trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has been released, and it looks pretty steamy:

Happy perusing and happy weekend!

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