Link Love

Here are some of my favorite things I found around the internet this week:

  • Beauty and the Beast is out today! And it’s getting mixed reviews :/ But even so, I’m still excited to see my favorite Disney movie brought to life.
  • I’ve been meaning to check out Ryan Murphy’s Feud on FX (but wanted to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane first), and this review made me want to get on with it posthaste.
  • My favorite part of Game of Thrones is arguably the dragons. And they are ‘the size of 747s’ in season 7. As in, this fan art may become canon. Eeep!
  • I’ve written before about my affinity for StoryWonk, and I was really bummed when Lani left. But then I was super stoked when she started a new media company, Chipperish!
  • I love the Watch What Crappens podcast, and have also been loving Ronnie’s audio recaps of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll definitely be a fan of these too.
  • Finally, I’m incredibly late to this party, but I recently, finally watched Moonlight, and thought it was SO deserving of the hype and the awards and think you should watch it and hope you agree that it’s really something special. I’m still thinking about it, and reading as much as I can about it. I sat down to write a review and ended up with “it’s just a moving, beautiful film that made me feel lots of things and cry, both happy and sad tears.” This review does a much better job of explaining why than I could.

Happy perusing and happy weekend!

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