Link Love

Here are some of my favorite things I found around the internet this week:

  • As an aspiring writer who works full time, I found this Rumpus article with Rainbow Rowell enormously inspiring.
  • I completely agree with this article from the New Yorker on how The Giving Tree is actually pretty freaking sad for a kid’s book.
  • I enjoyed these 17 Reasons Anne Lamott is the Coolest. Because she really is.
  • I enjoyed Linda Holmes’ take on managing expectations for the Serial podcast on the NPR Monkey See blog.
  • Speaking of Serial (since EVERYONE ELSE IS), Slate is doing an amusingly meta podcast on the Serial podcast. Yes, that’s right. It’s a podcast about a podcast.
  • Which brings us to this hilarious video about “How People Obsess About Serial.”

    Okay, enough about Serial. (Until next week.)

Happy perusing and happy weekend!

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