AfterEllen on Pretty Little Liars

Aria’s rookie day at Radley goes about as well as you’d expect. The first thing she does is practically confess to killing Shana when Eddie Lamb reads her name off her name tag. All he says is “Aria” and she’s like, “Who, me? No, not me. I mean, yes, my name is Aria, but not like Aria Montgomery as in the Aria Montgomery who pistol whipped the dead girl they found in the New York theater owned by the former literature professor at Rosewood High with whom I — or, rather, my doppelganger has been seen snogging around town in the rain. Nice to meet you?” He says she looks familiar, probably because Spencer talked about her so much, but she insists that she is familiar to no one, least of all Shana Fring. “That girl whose funeral had more than six million views on YouTube?” “That’s the one.”

I love these recaps so much.

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