Summertime To Do’s

At the beginning of each season, I make a game plan of everything I want to do. I personally love a mixture of traditions and new experiences. And for summer, I have a tendency to overload myself with plans, lists, filled-up queues and stacks of to-do items. If I could have one wish granted, I think it would be about ten more hours in each day that I can devote to whatever I’d like, namely my Netflix queue, Feedly reader and TBR list. Alas, I usually find that my ambitions far exceed my talent when it comes to getting everything read and watched.

I blame that pesky 40 hour workweek.

June marks the beginning of summer, and I already have my summer reading list and more than 20 books checked out from the library. Now, I read often and I read pretty fast. But the reasonable part of my brain knows that it’s unlikely that I will return all of them read in three weeks time. It’s far more likely that I will renew until I can’t anymore, yet continue to add holds until I’m finally, FINALLY cut off. I don’t even know if the library cuts anyone off for unreasonable holds and repeated renewals, but I’m sure I can inspire them to try.

Still, a stack of books, a list of movies and TV seasons to binge on, longer daylight hours, a hammock to lounge in, and impending beach trips all make me so happy that I don’t even really care if I get through everything on my lists. The beautiful paradox of summer is that even though you know it will come to an end, it still seems so limitless.

So, here’s to time spent productively, however you see fit.

Here’s to a happy summer!

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