Link Love

Here are my favorite things I found around the internet this week:

  • You may have heard the WONDERFUL news that Gilmore Girls has FINALLY been added to Netflix Instant! Huzzah! My sister and I watched the series the first time around and decided to watch it all over again during Friday night dinners. And while the entire series is worth watching at least once, Gawker (along with several other websites) has created a guide to make the seven season viewing experience seem a little less daunting for the unsullied.
  • Gone Girl is opening this weekend and I’m pretty excited to see it. If you’ve read the book, this SPOILER FILLED review from NPR’s Linda Holmes may be worth checking out if you’re debating whether to dole out to see the movie.
  • This NYT article about the fear of happiness is really interesting and something I routinely contend with.
  • I’ve only read two books by Italo Calvino, but found both to be captivating. I’m excited to check out his posthumous collection.
  • If you’re a fan of Outlander (particularly, the wedding episode of Outlander), odds are that you’ve seen this article floating around the interwebs over the past week. But if not, it’s definitely worth a read.

Happy perusing and happy weekend!

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