Link Love

Here are some of my favorite things I found around the internet this week:

  • I’m feeling pretty excited for Into the Woods thanks to this EW featurette.
  • In addition to raving about Serial earlier this week, I’ve already listened to the latest episode twice and the first episode all over again to hopefully derive more clues. My name is Kelley and I am addicted to this podcast.
  • I squealed when I saw that Rainbow Rowell contributed to a story collection. (I swear, I would pay to read that woman’s grocery lists.) But seriously, wouldn’t this make an excellent holiday gift? (Not a hint, those who know me, but rather a warning that this is likely what you’re getting for Christmas from me.)
  • Have you read anything from the 2014 National Book Awards list of finalists? I’ve read (and lovedAll the Light We Cannot See, and am really excited to read Lila
  • I really enjoyed learning about Christina of Sweden on Stuff You Missed in History Class.
  • I’m hosting an Awesomely Bad Movie Night this weekend that will feature pumpkin carving, and these bookish jack’o’lanterns serve as pretty fantastic inspiration.
  • This made me so happy that the internet exists. Because really, where else could you find Dachshund’s Creek?

Happy perusing and happy weekend!

Stuff You Missed in History Class: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

One of my favorite podcasts featured one of my favorite conspiracy stories!

In 1959, nine students ventured into the Ural mountains for a ski hiking trip, and never returned. While much speculation has swirled for more than half a century, no one knows for certain what caused them to abandon their camp to die in the cold.

While many have argued that there are perfectly reasonable explanations for what happened to the hikers, conspiracy theories abound regarding the states of the bodies when found, the radiation traces on their clothing, the likelihood (or lack thereof) of paranormal and/or extraterrestrial activity, and the reaction of the Russian government to the investigation.

The incident has inspired films, books, documentaries, and overall creepiness. Which makes this podcast an ideal listening experience for my aforementioned desire to scare myself this month.