I wish I knew how to quit RHOC

A confession: my name is Kelley and I have faithfully watched Real Housewives of Orange County since its first episode.

*hangs head in shame*

For years it’s been a guilty pleasure, but this season is getting to me. Last weeks episode made me MAD. So mad that I proceeded to think about it for the rest of the week and even had a dream or two where I confronted Tamra Barney and gave her the ol’ punch to her see you next Tuesday.

Not my proudest moment, even if it didn’t actually happen. Actually scratch that. If it did really happy, I’d be a little proud. She is after all, THE WORST.

But dreaming about it? Just seemed a little odd.

And JUST LOOK at my Twitter feed!

These beeyotches have taken over.

Last night I found myself sitting on the couch and felt my blood pressure rising as Heather asked Tamra if they should call an ambulance for poor Shannon. (Yes, #TeamShannon forever and ever amen.)  I started to curse up a storm, fist shaking and the works, and after a while I asked myself, just what am I doing? I mean, what are they doing, obviously. But what am I doing? I should be reading or doing yoga or binging on my Netflix queue or just generally spending my time on happy things instead of getting worked up about a bunch of crazy women from Orange County.

It’s times like these when I ask myself, WWLVPD?

Actually, who am I kidding. This is what Lisa Vanderpump would do:

Ooh hate to leave paradise @StRegis@bahiabeach

Ooh hate to leave paradise 

Basically I’m going to need these women to calm down before I start to question my own mental health for watching this mess.